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United States Army Logistics Management College Fort Lee, VA 23801-1705 2014-10-15 United States Army Reserve unless otherwise noted. The proponent of ATP 4-93 is the United States Army Combined Arms Support Command. The preparing agency is the G-3/5/7 Doctrine Division, USACASCOM. Send comments and recommendations on a DA Form 2028 (Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms) to Commander, United States Army Let's Chat in the comments about Army National Guard Sniper Section training Make sure to subscribe and turn on your post notifications! Let's hit 100K this Besides SPO, another section essential to the 143rd ESC's operations is the logistics section. It currently oversees building projects in the southern region of Afghanistan. Army Techniques Publication 4-02.1 applies to the Active Army, Army National Guard of the United States, and United States Army Reserve unless otherwise stated.

Spo section army

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Kandahar They include the support operations section (SPO) logistics synchronization (LOG SYNCH) working group, the SPO movement board, the SPO distribution management board (DMB), and the S-3 operations the SPO medical section as part of the BCT’s AHS plan. The SPO medical section synchro-nizes the movement of the BSMC’s additional enablers, such as dental, preventive medicine, medical The support operations (SPO) medical section is integral to synchronizing the brigade combat team's (BCT's) concept of medical support. Unfortunately, many BCTs deploy to the Joint Readiness Works under the general supervision of the 1916th Support Battalion, Support Operations (SPO) Officer (O-4/MAJOR), who outlines work and provides broad general policies, objectives, and priorities; A section is a military sub-subunit. It usually consists of between six and 20 personnel. NATO and US doctrine define a section as an organization "larger than a squad, but smaller than a platoon." As such, two or more sections usually make up an army platoon or an air force flight.

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It discusses the principles and fundamentals of motor transportation as well as the responsibilities of key personnel assigned to Army motor transport units at the brigade combat team level and above. 2014-10-15 · Serves as a Senior Logistics Management Specialist and Team Leader for the 1st Sustainment Command (Theater) (1TSC) Support Operations (SPO), Distribution Integration Branch (DIB), with the responsibility for developing, reviewing, and implementing directives, policies, procedures and programs affecting acquisition, distribution, redistribution, supply and maintenance support, readiness and disposition for assigned systems/equipment.

Spo section army

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Spo section army

The SPO is responsible for maintaining the readiness of the The SPO section, on the other hand, is made up of 17 Soldiers and operates in a separate area off of the main tactical operations center. It is involved in both future and current operations. The support operations officer (SPO) is the principal BSB staff officer for coordinating CSS to the SBCT. He provides the technical supervision for the external CSS mission of the support battalion.

Spo section army

Kandahar SPO in Military. What does SPO mean in Military? All Acronyms.
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SPO, Section Panel Operator. An Army battalion-level S4 section has responsibility for supply, transportation, logistics and budget issues within that battalion. Battalion S4 Officers.

This section addresses the specific duties of each special staff officer. The number of special staff officers and their responsibilities vary with authorizations, the desires of the commander Performed the duties of a medical supply specialist in a medical supply warehouse located in and in direct support of a Army hospital. Was instrumental in the duties of ordering, receiving, storing, distributing medical supplies and medical equipment repair parts and daily operation of a warehouse worth in excess of three million dollars.
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